Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator is a world-class enrollment and HRIS platform.

Employee Navigator provides HRIS support including:

New Hire Onboarding: HR can onboard employers faster and easier, giving employees a great first day without stacks of paperwork. You can create tasks in minutes and let employees breeze through onboarding without breaking a sweat.

Time-Off Tracking: Setting up and administering time-off packages has never been easier. Configure a PTO package unique to your company and let employees use their self-service tool to request time off in a few clicks.

Online Enrollment: No more tracking down insurance applications or beneficiary forms. With Employee Navigator your employees get a simple modern enrollment experience without the headaches.

HRIS Database: Get your employee data out of the filing cabinet and into a single, secure platform. Enjoy the benefits of accurate employee data, a powerful reporting engine, and much more.

Employee Navigator provides ACA compliance & more:

ACA Compliance: Employee Navigator takes care of all things ACA, including ongoing tracking, 1094-C and 1095-C eligibility reporting with our easy ACA dashboard

Safety & Training: Automate your safety and training tasks. Employees can view OSHA videos or compliance documents, and HR can track their progress

Onboarding: Get employees up to speed quickly by collecting EEOC information, emergency contacts and more without breaking a sweat.

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